6 April 2017

Blog post

[LOFOTEN] “Lofoten lies like a wall in the turbulent Norwegian Sea north of the Arctic Circle. The wild frontier with majestic mountains, deep fjords, screaming seabird colonies and long, white beaches where only the toughest go bathing.”

Oh, wow!!! How much can you fit into one day? Pretty much I would say. If you are up for an adventure and have no boundaries. Emma & Alex decided to come all the way from the United States to get married in Lofoten. I may have tricked them into taking a hike, but I think the result and the experience made it all worth it. How lucky were we to hit the sunset spot on after hiking for 2,5 hours!!!

I am so grateful I got to witness this beautiful couple´s special day. The private ceremony, their vows to each other (I really love this part) and how they were able to just be with each other and forget that I was there…

I’d love to do this again, and I’m hoping to continue this journey to far-away places with adventurous couples!

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