Season finale

5 October 2016

Blog post

Woke up today, excited about going to Lofoten for the last wedding of the year. Ping, the airline decided to bump up the flight one hour early. Yeah, shampoo still in my hair, no packing done… “Taxi is one the way, you can put your face on later…” I actually managed to get out the door with most of my things. As the professional  I am, the only thing pre packed was my gear…

I am now sitting in a cabin in Reine, a stunning part of Lofoten. The rain is pouring down, but it´s ok cause so is my nose. 6 weeks with a cold and I put my trust in one day of good rest. The weather forecast is excellent, I´m SO excited!!!

When I get back I will start to blog this seasons weddings, but until then. Follow me for daily updates on Instagram; @christineidephotography. Tomorrow there will be some serious hiking for that perfect location!!!


All the best,


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