How to plan your hiking elopement in Lofoten. Having adventured through the mountains of Lofoten for close to a decade, I have gained some valuable lessons on how to prepare for your big day in the wild. I love being an adventure elopement photographer in Lofoten and being prepared is key for having an elopement day worth remembering.

In this post I will be sharing a little bit about how to prepare and pack for your big adventure in Lofoten.But first, let me start off by introducing you to what a hiking elopement actually is.

Hiking elopement in Lofoten by Christin Eide Photography


Unlike a traditional wedding day, there are no rules for what you have to do. Most of my couples have a genuine 
appreciation for the outdoors, and that is a driving force in their decision to elope in the first place.
Some of them spend a lot of time hiking, making it a natural selection for their big day. Others ay not have as much experience, 
but love the challenge and adventure on their wedding day.
Hiking is a great way to connect with nature, experiencing amazing views and removing yourself from stress
and crowds. It´s a unique opportunity to celebrate your love and fulfulling your dream at the same time. 
A big misconception though is that you have to be an avid hiker or walk for hours upon end to have a hiking elopement.
That couldn´t be further from the truth. On average my couples hike for 1,5 hours one way, but knowing the area
I have hikes ranging from 15 min up to 8 hours on hand.
The hike is a big part of the adventure and not just a means to their destination, so we don´t stress at all. I implement breaks, picnics and whatever else the couple might desire.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten - Nusfjord by Christin Eide Photography


Time to have some fun! What kind of views inspire you? Dramatic mountains? Mountain lakes or maybe dreamy beaches
with green water enclosed by scenic jagged peaks? Some hikes are easy going with little or no elevation, some quite dramatic best suited for avid hikers. In my experience, find a couple of options and talk it over with your photographer.
Many couples look more at the end point envisioning their images more than the adventure getting there. Make sure to be realistic in your choice, cause a wedding day is absolutely different from a random day in sweaty hiking gear. You (and your photographer) are carrying everything needed for your day up the mountain, so make sure you still have some juice left for the magic up top.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten - Kvalvika by Christin Eide Photography


Here are some things to consider for the hike itself and how you can prepare. Elevation. Most of the hikes in Lofoten
come with a high incline, which makes it different from other hikes around the world. The length varies, but it´s pretty
much always up, up and quite early in the hike.
The altitude of the mountains might not be as impressive as other parts of the world, but remember you are starting at sea level. That’s why it is important to consider the length/elevation combo when considering a hike. A 45 min hike might not seem too dramatic, but with a high incline it might be tougher than you thought.
Have your eyes set on a specific hike? Prepare yourself with uphill walks/runs, long walks and general cardio workouts
to prepare your muscles and lungs for what´s to come. On an elopement hike I do like to bring the pace down to a
comfortable level. The hike is a big part of the adventure, and you don´t want to be too sweaty or lost for energy when 
reaching the top.
Last, but not least. Sleep. It´s easy to get tempted, especially by the endless summer nights, to stay 
up marvelling in the beauty that is Lofoten. But to have a successful day, you need a successful night. 
Hiking elopement in Lofoten Autumn by Christin Eide Photography


Lofoten is above the arctic circle, so even with four seasons, the general climate is colder than most European countries.
Hiking is possible all year round, but if you are not into snow hiking, I would suggest late May to mid October for uour
hiking adventure in Lofoten. This is when the mountain is dry and crampons aren´t necessary. If you want the warmth
of an arctic summer, July and August are good months.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten Unstad by Christin Eide Photography


This one is especially important to me. People are travellig more and more, and the impact it has on hour world can be
bettered by doing some minor adjustments. By doing this we can help preserve and protect the nature for generations
to come.
  • Choose a hike that fits your skill level. Every year people needs rescuing in these mountains due to optimistic choices and this can be prevented by staying realistic in your choices.

  • Stay on the trails and stick to hard surfaces if possible. It´s important not to trample the vegetation, it takes years for moss to grow back.

  • Make sure to pack everything back down brought on your hike. This includes flowers, wipes, tissues, food wrappers and other waste not belonging in nature.

  • Be respectful of wildlife and other hikers. Avoid blocking trails and keep your distance from animals you might encounter.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten Mountaintop by Christin Eide Photography


  • Hiking shoes/boots; A good pair of boots are esential to any hike. Make sure to break in the shoes long before the hike to avoid blisters and sore feet. Lofoten hikes often start out wet/muddy, so gore tex or any other waterproof material is to be preferred. The hikes in Lofoten are often short but steep, so make sure to choose a lightweight boot.

  • Clothes; layers is important when hiking. Lightweight wool (merino don´t itch) dries quickly and can be added or removed when necessary. Fleece and a thin down jacket on top to keep warm on colder days. Remember to have an extra wool set for the hike down. It tends to be a lot colder than going up. Flexible hiking pants that can fit layers underneath. Good wool socks to keep your feet comfortable and dry. They also prevent blisters. Last, but not least. With a good windbreaker you can avoid too many layers on a cold day (preferably water resistant).

  • A comfortable backpack; Make sure to get a backpack fitted to your height. Most can be adjusted, but it is important it sits well on your lower back and shoulder for good comfort on your hike.

  • Water bottle and snacks; A lot of backpacks come with a hydration pack build into it, but if not, I suggest a hydration belt or a bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your adventure. Snacks like energy bars, bananas and trail mix is esential for all hikes no matter length.

  • EXTRAS; Depending on season and time of day, things to consider bringing on your hike. On warm summer days bugs can be annoying. They stay with you until the treeline, and if extra hot they follow you endlessly. Sunscreen for protection from the sun. Make sure to choose a dry one, cause the sun will reflect in the oil. Sunset on a mountain in autumn? Make sure to bring a headlamp for the hike down. When it gets dark, it´s pitch black.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten Epic by Christin Eide Photography


  • Paperwork; if you are having a legal ceremony on the mountaintop, make sure to bring the paperwork to sign.

  • Rings; vow books, flowers and whatever else you might need for the ceremony. I have on more than one occasion lend out my own ring to rings lost or forgotten 😉

  • Wedding attire; 95% of all my couples don´t hike in their wedding attire, so make sure to pack everything you need to make the look complete. I don´t recommend heals on the mountain, so if you don´t like the idea of a hiking boot, bring a flat shoe like Converse for your adventure.

  • Makeup & mirror; although hiking in a comfortable tempo, most couples like to have a checkup on top.
Hiking elopement in Lofoten by Christin Eide Photography


This is, as always, a suggested list of things to consider when planning your big day. Some areas require more planning than others, and this is definitely one of them. Are you ready to start planning your big adventure?