Why to elope in the Lofoten Islands is always a good idea. Let me share som reasons why you should put eloping in Lofoten on the top of your list:

The breathtakingly dramatic landscapes and serene seclusion of Lofoten makes it the perfect location for an adventurous and intimate elopement. The Lofoten Islands truly is a destination like no other with long summer nights and hidden gems it draws you in and tempts you even further. 

Groom carrying bride over his shoulder on the beach in Lofoten, Norway - photographed by Christin Eide Photography


You have 4 distinct seasons to choose from, so chances are you will find the perfect fit for you.


comes with lush green colours, a hint of comfortable temperature and a lower amount of tourists. If you don’t mind the crisp in the air, this is the perfect time to explore this amazing area by yourself.


is pure magic! With endless summer nights the Lofoten Islands are your playground. The midnight sun starts mid May and lasts until Mid July. It doesn’t happen over night, so you will have long beautiful nights throughout the summer season. Unfortunately this is also when the Islands experience most of its visitors, so be sure to know where to go to avoid the crowds.


is my favourite! The crowds are returning to their origin and the colours change. Note that the colour transformation in Lofoten last for a very short while. I would generally say 2-3 weeks of yellow and orange against the mysterious grey of the mountains. Temperature is also going down and the pinch in your nose from spring is back. You can still get some warm days as a last hurra from the celebration of summer, but don’t count on it.


This is something very different. You can get snow, or not. The temperature is low and the sun as well. During this period you get the polar nights, which means the sun does not rise as all from mid December until mid January. This is your chance to capture the Northern Lights. If snow is your thing, the landscape transform into the perfect playground and picturesque setting for your elopement. You can use snowshoes or skis the get into the mountains. This time of year I would advice to use a guide for your adventure. 

Why elope in the Lofoten Islands - Hiking- by Christin Eide Photography


Besides the jaw dropping scenery to feast your eyes on, there are so many activities to do. Either in the surrounding days, or to incorporate in your wedding day. Just to mention a few:

  • More hiking (not to state the obvious)
  • Kayaking
  • Arctic plunge & sauna
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing tour
  • Whale safari
  • Eagle scouting
  • RIB cruise
  • Northern Lights hunting
  • Snow shoe exploring
  • Museums
  • Taste local food


Why elope in the Lofoten Islands - Intimate wedding autumn colours Lofoten, Norway


Why should this be on your list you ask? I am pretty sure if you Google Lofoten, you will get one or more images with the famous fisherman’s cabins in your result. This is partially what Lofoten is famous for and I would not recommend coming without having stayed at least one night in one of these cabins.

They might look worn and old, but make no mistake. Most of these are run like a hotels and have the high standard of a 5 star hotel. 

You will find few or no standard hotel buildings in Lofoten, and for a good reason. Nature is Lofotens selling point, and how would it look with a five story building towering over the epic scenery. Haven’t booked your accommodation yet? Be sure to book as soon as possible. These cabins are popular and gets booked months and years in advance.