Follow this checklist for planning your your elopement in Lofoten, Norway.

Most of us have at some point gone on a holiday, taken a weekend trip abroad or participated in a job related trip. Having done so, we all have the basics in hand for planning an elopement. Regardless of whether its domestic or planning your elopement in another country, the principles of travelling are the same.Here is a checklist for your Lofoten elopement to get inspired by.

There are some things, other than booking flights and hotels, that can be useful to keep in mind, and  I am more than happy to assist you on your path to the perfect elopement experience.

Checklist Elopement Lofoten by Christin Eide Photography

Lets adventure – your complete checklist for your elopement in Lofoten:


First you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  • What is your budget?
  • What season would you like to get married?
  • Are you flexible on dates?
  • Do you have a specific location in mind?
  • Are you inviting any guests? (intimate weddings with a few family and friends can still be called an elopement!)
  • Do you need to hire wedding vendors, such as an officiant/celebrant, photographer, hair/makeup, flowers or wedding planner?


Find your location and start looking into the logistics 

  • Talk to your photographer or local guide to make sure your destination of choice have the amenities you require for your wedding and surrounding days. Some places are more secluded than others.
  • Travelling in Lofoten requires a car. Public transportation do exist, but it keeps to the main road, and don’t run very often.
  • How much time do you want to spend travelling on your wedding day? By booking close to your desired location you can cut down on travel time.
  • If hiking is of interest, make sure you pick a hike well suited for your vision. Social media does not paint an accurate picture of the amount of visitors, how easy/hard the hike is and  if the season makes it doable at all.
Arctic plunge in Lofoten by Christin Eide Photography

Marriage License

In order to get legally married in Norway you have to send in the following documentation to the Norwegian Tax Authorities:

  • Separate personal declarations from both of you.
  • Statement by two sponsors (witnesses), one from each side. The sponsor must be over 18 years old, but doesn’t have to be present during the ceremony. 
  • If you are divorsed, you have to send in a declaration concerning division.
  • Personal documentation, for example birth certificate or passport. Remember that the document must be original or a copy endorsed with an apostille.
  • Certificate of no impediment. This document can be no more than four months old.
  • The processing time is normally around 5-8 weeks.

    You can read more about the requirements and process for attaining your licence here.


All the documents needs to be delivered by post, so make sure you start the process early enough to have some wiggle room in case of any hiccups. 4 months should be enough for this process.

If all requirements are met and your papers approved, you will receive a certificate of no impediment to enter into marriage. This document is valid for four months, so make sure to marry within that timeframe.

After the ceremony the certificate, fully signed, will be sent back to the Norwegian Tax Administration. When they have approved it you’ll get your marriage certificate in the post. 

Checklist Elopement Lofoten - Details by Christin Eide Photography

Travel + Accommodations

  • Lofoten is a small place compared to other destinations, so make sure to book flights and accommodations as soon as possible. The Lofoten Islands offer a variety of cabins run like hotels, but AirBnb is also getting more and more popular.
  • You can enter the Lofoten Islands by car, boat (with or without car) and plane. I would highly recommend coming by plane if a roadtrip isn’t on your agenda.
  • In Lofoten, and Norway in general we still have a lot of stick shift driven cars, so make sure to book your rental car early to avoid being stuck with gear or no car at all.
Wandering beaches in Lofoten - Calm by Christin Eide Photography

Wedding Outfit + Hair/Makeup

There are no rules when it comes to an elopement. Get married in whatever you want, as long as it’s aligned with your vision for the day. If you want help with hair/makeup for your big day, make sure to hire as soon as possible. Hair and makeup artists are few and far between, so prioritise if this is important to you.

A few tips when choosing your wedding attire:

  • Choose your attire based on season. The Lofoten Islands generally has a lower temperature than other European countries, so make sure you are comfortable and not cold.
  • Most couples choose to pack their wedding attire for the hike. Choose a fabric that doesn’t easily crease.
  • Comfort is key. Remember where you have chosen to get married. Make sure your attire lets you move freely, does not drag you down or make you feel stiff in any way. Read more about what to pack for your hiking elopement here.

After the Elopement

After you get married, you might consider some sort of post-elopement celebration with family & friends.

Elopements aren’t what they used to be, so friends and family will most likely be eagerly awaiting the chance to celebrate your love as soon as you return from your adventure.

This can be a quick trip to the local bar, an intimate dinner with your closest family and friends, or even a full scale party to celebrate with your all your loved ones. No matter what you do, make sure you are happy in your choices.