How to HAVE A SUSTAINABLE ELOPEMENT AND be eco-conscious on your adventure, arranging your wedding.

An elopement is first of all be an adventure of a life-time, but you should be sustainable at the same time. I always urge all my couples doing an elopement in Norway or elsewhere, to remember that nature is fragile. We all have a responsibility to preserve it.

When I hook up with couples wanting to elope in Norway, Iceland or elsewhere around the world, I get a first hand look of how fragile our nature is. I always try to leave as little a trace as possible.


Be conscious – be sustainable

The very nature of a hiking elopements makes for a very eco-friendly activity already. You use your own legs to get around, but be conscious about the chain of events. Everything from how you set up your wedding, to how you arrange your travels. Think about the imprint that you leave. Make sure not to litter and clean up as you go along.

Appreciate the nature, water and natural resources wherever you elope. There are probably much more things we can do to make our elopements more eco-friendly, but this does not only apply when we organize our weddings. It relates in general when we travel as tourists and visit new places and countries.